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Why are you watching the world be destroyed?

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Virginia: Rifle, magazines recovered near Monument Avenue after shootings

Police: Rifle, magazines recovered near Monument Avenue after shootings

Richmond police say a rifle and magazines were recovered in the area near Monument Avenue after reported shootings.

At approximately 11:15 p.m., Richmond police officers were approached by a victim at Allen Avenue and Broad Street who stated someone had fired shots into their vehicle following an altercation.

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What do you really want from me? - Invista

An interesting question. It has been a long time since I have thought about what I want personally. The past twelve years have been focused on what I could do to ensure the Liberty of my children. Or rather, all of the children in the country. It soon became apparent to me that there was a big difference between the country and the government. What do I want personally? Nothing. The Lord has been very generous to me.

What do I want for the people?

  1. I want the rule of law to be carried out equally.
  2. I want a judiciary that will render opinions based on the Constitution instead of imposing their subjugation on the freedom of religion.
  3. I want everyone to be treated as if all lives matter, not a racist viewpoint to advance Communism.
  4. I want pedophiles and traitors in the government to be held accountable for their crimes.
  5. I want our schools to educate our children instead of indoctrinating them.
  6. I want our universities to provide a quality higher education to advance our country instead of enslaving our young men and women with debt.
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  8. I want our churches to stand up for God.
  9. I want our people to have public virtue as they had in 1776.
  10. I want to have government out of our personal lives.

People have stated that we need a leader to organize us to fight against tyranny. I have stated that we need multiple leaders like the 56 men who signed the Declaration of Independence. They were willing to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor”. The question I want to put forth today is: did they want to do it or did they need to do it?

Once we understand that question, what we want becomes irrelevant and we can focus on what we need. I need to have a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence to restore this country’s Liberty. I understand that restoration may include the balkanization of the country. Our diversity has destroyed our unity and this was intentionally done by the government to weaken us. I need to for people to understand the gift that the Lord has given us when he allowed the Great Experiment to flourish. But no matter what I need, we must understand that while one man or woman can accomplish much, we need many people to stand up against the tyranny that is gripping our people.

I know that many people are making lists. As I wrote in the Washington Trials in 2012:

 We have three options ahead of us:

1. We can let the people responsible for the destruction of our country go free in an effort to start fresh.

2. We can engage in vigilante justice.

3. We can put them on trial.

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This leaves number option 3. A good option for a moral people and one which I had hoped would save the country eight years ago. The past eight years have shown that our country’s leaders have no honor and the people received no justice. Option three was before:

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  2. The multiple felonies of Hillary Clinton.
  3. Biden’s Ukraine and China scandals.
  4. The collusion and crimes of the FBI, CIA, NSA and DOJ.
  5. The Russiagate fabrication.
  6. The baseless impeachment of a President.
  7. The entrapment of General Flynn.
  8. A pandemic that was exaggerated in order to lock down people, schools and the economy.
  9. The “suicide” of Jeffrey Epstein.
  10. The illegal spying on a political opponent by the federal government in 2016.

Our people need to remember the intangible traits that guided our founding fathers: honor, morality, courage and virtue. Most importantly, we need to remember our faith. If we keep these traits close to our hearts, souls and minds, then the greed and lust for power that led to tyranny can be overthrown. I pray for option 3 but the other side has gone too far.

Pray for guidance and pass the ammunition.

David DeGerolamo

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So who thinks Slick Willy will be held accountable? Are you sick of government officials avoiding justice while they rape the country with no consequences?

David DeGerolamo

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November is getting closer every day. Riots and protests won’t simply disappear the day after the election.

Many expect civil unrest to get worse.
 We need intelligence to drive our 老王永久免费佛系加速器在线下载V2.2.16 - 沃的资源网:2021-6-7 · 老王永久免费佛系加速器在线下载V2.2.16 内容 相关 软件名称:老王 软件大小:37.2MB 软件版本:2.2.15→2.2.16 软件语言:简体中文 软件类型:国产软件 软件授权:共享软件 更新时间:2021-06-07 23:16:38 应用平台:安卓.

And we’re going to need real-time intelligence during an emergency. But it’s all super complicated, right? I’m going to make it easy.

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Complete these lessons in 30 days or at your own pace from the comfort of your own home. The lessons are recorded and archived. Log in and start watching on your own time.

—-> I can’t teach you everything in 30 days…

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You can sign up here: Intel Bootcamp

Always Out Front,
Samuel Culper

P.S. – If you understand the value of critical information during an emergency, then take me up on this offer. If you’re not satisfied within the first five lessons, email me to get a full refund. I know you’re going to find this incredibly valuable.

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While the pandemic continues to grow exponentially only in countries that can afford a high priced vaccine, what should we be watching that the government is hiding?

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David DeGerolamo

More information

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FIERY: Jim Jordan gets HEATED with Dr. Fauci in House hearing

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Just days after the establishment – via its Big Tech partners and liberal media propagandists – entirely disappeared a viral video of a dozen doctors discussing their real-life experiences of treating COVID-19 (and in some cases using the “extremely dangerous” medicine – if mainstream media is to be believed – hydroxchloroquine) and getting children back to school; the founder of “America’s Frontline Doctors” – Dr. Simone Gold – has been fired from her job as an Emergency Medicine Specialist in Los Angeles, CA.

As we previously noted, in the video, Dr. Gold said:

“We’re here because we feel as though the American people have not heard from all the expertise that’s out there all across our country.” 

She is also the head organizer of an open letter signed by more than 600 doctors calling on President Trump to end lockdown. The letter described widespread state orders keeping businesses closed and children home from school as a “mass casualty incident” with “exponentially growing health consequences.”

The video was entirely disappeared from the web (except if you know where to look) within hours, and two days ago, Dr. Gold stated in a recent tweet that:

“Our website host @Squarespace has just completely and arbitrarily shut down our website, claiming a violation of their terms of service.”

Gold had defended her views – which reflected her real-life experience as a board-certified doctor specializing in emergency medicine, not a journalist playing one on TV! – saying in a tweet that “there are always opposing views in medicine,” but that opposition should not be grounds for censorship.

“Treatment options for COVID-19 should be debated, and spoken about among our colleagues in the medical field,” she wrote.

“They should never, however, be censored and silenced.”

But now, Dr. Gold has lost her job after her employer found out about the viral video where she dared to discuss hydroxychloroquine.

“Until what seems like 5 minutes ago I was considered a ‘hero’ [as a frontline emergency physician] with people clapping at what I was doing… but now i have been summarily fired for appearing in what was told to me was ‘an embarrassing video’.”


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FYI: A Resource Tool

You’re Welcome

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Tucker: America is witnessing a brazen power grab

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Doctor exposes the REAL reason why the media, left HATE hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

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